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As a Software Developer at DoubleJump I'm actively involved in the creation of mods for the popular game Among Us, to be played by YouTube creators such as Ssundee. This process involves manipulating existing code as well as creating new game mechanics from scratch. Typically I'm given a week to complete a mod before the date of recording. I collaborate closely with the rest of the development team, the art team and testers in order to ensure that each mod reaches its full potential.

Come and Learn With Pibby in Among Us
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Among Us Mods - Software Developer

DoubleJump Games
2021 - Present


The Slayer - Gameplay Programmer




The Slayer is a round-based horror game developed on Roblox where one player becomes the Slayer and the rest have to survive the round without being killed. I was brought onto the project as a programmer, responsible for programming mechanics and fixing existing bugs. As of writing this The Slayer has been played over 20 million times!

Astro Ranger - Level Designer



I was contracted by the client to work on levels for his upcoming iOS and macOS game "Astro Ranger." My focus was primarily on creating engaging levels that challenged players, while at the same time feeling rewarding to complete. You can check the game out on the App Store!

Fallen Fjord

Brian Pimentel

Software & Game Developer

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