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About Me

Hi, I'm Brian!


I'm a Canadian game developer based in the Greater Toronto Area with a passion for all things game-related! I've been creating computer games since I was around age 10, and have made learning the skills of my trade the focus of my education and career. I'm a graduate of York University's Digital Media program and am currently working as a Software Developer at DoubleJump Games, based in Victoria, BC. I always strive to create fun and memorable experiences, using everything in my toolkit to achieve that goal on all projects I'm involved in!

As a member of the team at DoubleJump Games, I'm actively working with some of YouTube's top entertainers in the gaming space to create fresh and engaging content!

Feel free to reach out to me by email at, or on LinkedIn. I'm always available for a chat!

Fallen Fjord

Brian Pimentel

Software & Game Developer

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